Hi everyone – long time no post!

Life has been in flux for me but now its time for me to share new photos of Connie’s as well as sunrises, sunsets and food! More will be coming as soon as my web maven talks me through understanding all the technical part! Time to figure out when to come!

If you are heading to Connie’s via I-77

If you have the time when heading to Connie’s Beach Cottage along I-77 through NC and into SC, make sure you stop at the lovely new Welcome Center in SC. Take a few minutes to sit in the swings and enjoy the warm southern air then head inside to check out the brochures about all the wonderful things you can do while you visit….you might even find some interesting coupons! (and cookies….no promises but I have seen them there sometimes!)


Bear with me – I am learning ….

I am in the process of learning from my master web designer how to post as I find new fun places to eat and visit!

Okra Grill flounder and rice

This is my first attempt to copy and paste my meal from Page’s Okra Grill at night so dark photo….Flounder, rice and gravy, hush puppies and a yummy cheese biscuit!!!

Don’t miss!

If you like bbq you need to try Melvin’s in Mt. Pleasant, for a ‘nicer’ meal – RB’s in Mt. Pleasant (it’s right by the water..love their flounder, hush puppies, red rice and they have a huge slice of chocolate cake that all of you can share!)…fast food chicken – Bojangles (spicey cajun chicken, dirty rice and biscuits – perfect for the beach)…sweet tea where ever you go!! And definitely go to the Flea Market – downtown Charleston…always fun stuff to find there for shopping!

Tours to take in Charleston

You know how it is when you grow up somewhere – you are never really a tourist there! So unfortunately, I cannot give you first-hand knowledge about the tours that I am posting the links to. As with anything, if I was you, I would check out the reviews about them. I have read a lot of them and am finding that they can be mixed. It seems some of that has to do with what tour guide you get. The Culinary Tour seems to have great reviews and the photo tour should be interesting for those that are into taking photographs.  I think I will have to try it next time I’m back on the island.  But here are some places that you can check out and see if anything sounds interesting to you.


Horse drawn carriage rides

Horse draw carriage tours are one of the best ways to experience Charleston – but there are many to choose from!

Page’s Okra Grill

For the best locally owned, delicious southern comfort food for all ages – be sure to check out Page’s Okra Grill.


Fort Sumter

Visit Fort Sumter’s official site – where the American Civil War began on April 12, 1861.

Paddle boarding & kayaking in Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant

Welcome beach bunnies!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Isle of Palms!